This is my variant for the Pegasus expansion. It's named after the season two episode where Six wakes up from her death on Caprica with awesome results. Its goal is to provide a balanced, tense and interesting game while incorporating as many Pegasus expansion elements as possible. These goals are often at odds with one another, and because of this I have not (yet) integrated New Caprica into this version of the game.


- Six new Cylon character cards, used by revealed Cylons and the potential Cylon Leader.

- Rebalanced Human characters where appropriate.

- A new deck of Loyalty cards with (achievable) individual goals, making it a bit more than a team game.

- Increased significance of Reckless Skill Checks and Treachery cards.

- More Cylon Ship activations, for more space combat.

- Carefully tested balance from 3-6 players.

Requirements: BSG + the Pegasus Expansion, a color printer, scissors, and card stock (and perhaps a bit of paper and tape for the character stands).

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